Why I Started Resilio

As the long time CEO of BitTorrent, I was honored to be a small part of our mission to empower users and make the Internet better through distributed technology.  And as you look across the products we built in recent years, these lofty aspirations are reflected throughout.

But aspirations and technology alone are insufficient when building a successful business.    Above all, business success demands relentless focus on your customers and target markets.  

To unlock the potential across the product portfolio, we would need to find this focus.  Thus, the idea for Resilio was born.

There is untapped potential in peer to peer technology throughout the modern enterprise.  The challenges our customers face can only be solved by a new way of thinking.  Sync has led the charge and our technology has already unlocked tremendous value inside some of the most demanding environments on the planet.  

As Resilio, we’re excited to expand the Sync mission and to bring this great technology to more of these core users.  Enabling companies to harness the power of every endpoint inside their infrastructure will solve unprecedented problems that, today, defy cost effective solutions. Looking out towards the horizon and surveying the opportunities ahead, I have never been more excited about the future and the problems we will solve, together.

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