Resilio Sync Now Has an Official Docker Recipe

It doesn’t take reading through lengthy technical documents to understand why Docker’s flexible technology is creating buzz throughout the developer community. With Docker and an understanding of the word “container”, you can get a clear picture of how quickly applications can be built and deployed across several architectures with minimal effort. It only made sense […]

Official Linux Packages for Sync Now Available

We’ve received many requests from the Sync community to be able to install Sync on a Linux family OS in the “Linux way” — using packages and a standard tool (yum or apt-get) to get the package downloaded and installed. We’re thankful for the packages and installation scripts made by our community members (thanks to […]

eHealth Systems Africa Uses Sync To Deliver Better Public Health Services

Adam Thompson, Executive Director and Co Founder at eHealth Africa, shares how his NGO uses Resilio Sync (formerly BitTorrent Sync) for a wide variety of replication and synchronization needs. At eHealth Africa our mission is to deliver better public health services to vulnerable communities through data-driven technological solutions. We have over 800 staff members, with […]

Virtuos Games Uses Sync To Move Huge Datasets When Porting Titles

Jurgen Kluft, Senior Technical Director at Virtuos Games, takes us through the process of using Sync to move the huge amount of data generated when porting titles to PlayStation4 and XBox One: Virtuos Games is an outsourcing company that provides co-development services to game companies. We consult on everything from art production and porting of […]

Understanding the Sync Encrypted Folder

For Resilio Sync 2.3 we’re releasing a new type of folder: the Encrypted Folder. The Encrypted Folder extends the functionality of the existing standard folder by giving you the ability to have peers that hold data encrypted at rest. An encrypted peer can communicate with both read-only and read-write peers by sending and receiving data […]

Sync Security and Privacy Brief Now Available

Security and privacy are two of the leading issues for users when transferring important data. Keeping data on-premises makes business and IT leaders feel more secure, but comes with technical challenges when there’s a need to share data externally. BitTorrent Sync offers the ability to sync data securely and privately by replicating data directly between […]

Sync Dev: Securely Deploying Sync

Developing on the Resilio Sync API? Our developer evangelist is here to work with you. This is a cross-post from CloudSigma’s blog by Viktor Petersson. Configure the server You should think twice before handing over your sensitive data to a cloud backup service. As convenient as it may be, you should still ask if it is […]

Sync Dev: Envisioning decentralized peer-to-peer email

Part of the fun of working on a decentralized peer-to-peer application like Sync is imagining what cool things could be built on the API and how the world could benefit from decentralized [insert technology here]. As I was sending emails today, I started to think about what decentralized email would look like built on Sync. […]

Sync Dev: Resources For Building On Sync’s API

Developing on the BitTorrent Sync API? Our developer evangelist is here to work with you. It’s not a secret – one of my personal and professional goals is to get more people building decentralised peer-to-peer applications on Sync’s API.  The Sync developer community has been great so far with providing wrappers, help on the forums, […]