Sync v2.6 is here!

Sync 2.6.0 is here! With real-time performance charts, one-time file sharing and many more improvements. The greatest thing about Sync v 2.6 is the new performance charts. You can see how the system behaves in real time.  

Performance Charts

Charts are divided into two sections showing network activity and disk load.

Network activity shows transfer speeds, but also detailed information about the established tunnel to each peer. This lets you monitor speeds and react if necessary. For example, higher latency means increased time for a packet to reach the peer, which could be the result of the transport protocol. You can choose TCP protocol when peers are located in the local network for better results, or uTP, which is faster over WAN.

Chart view:

Details view:


Disk Load

Disk graph shows the overall load on the disk, not necessarily generated by Sync. Sync shows the current disk activity – whether it is reading from disk or writing, as well as the queue of pending operations. Use this graph to check the disk health when syncing files!


One-Time File Sharing

One-time file sharing feature is now available in Sync Free. No need to create a special folder for sending files, just drop the files to Sync and send these over to other Sync peers as a one-time transfer.


Choose Your Network

Selecting network interface per share on mobile devices gives more flexibility on the go. You can decide to sync your most important files over any network available, WiFi or mobile. Other files can be instructed to wait for a specific network connection. This helps you save on data traffic and still be totally synced up.


Sync is Faster!

Sync now has improved initial file indexing logic that reduces the number of file read operations and makes immediate upload of files possible. You can also see the data flow right after setting up a sync folder. A data compression option also helps save bandwidth (available only in Sync Business). Higher speeds are achieved as the Sync core gets more improvements and optimizations. We plan to keep them coming!

Many other Fixes and Improvements

See change log.


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