Simplifying Operations through Enhanced Observability and Data Protection

Resilio Connect 3.7 aims to empower IT teams by simplifying file delivery management, allowing them to concentrate on innovation and strategic endeavors rather than spending endless hours troubleshooting and managing data flows.

It’s easier than ever to centrally control and visualize global file delivery across your choice of infrastructure.

Resilio customers appreciate the time they save using Resilio Connect. Unlike conventional approaches to file transfer and sync which require many management points, writing and supporting custom scripts, and continuous troubleshooting, Resilio Connect is centrally managed, automated, and extremely reliable. Customers also value their ability to monitor all types of jobs across any location globally. 

But as an IT pro, what happens if you need to locate the status of a specific file on a specific node?  Or a user accidentally deletes a file?  Today this is easier than ever. 

Our latest release—Resilio Connect 3.7—simplifies querying the system to discover the status of all jobs down to the file level. Resilio Connect now provides added protection from accidental file deletion and improves job diagnosability through a new File Query capability.  

Improving Manageability and Observability 

With Resilio Connect, you can easily visualize and monitor all aspects of file delivery and transfer—from edge ingest to deployment to synchronization—across all locations through a unified intuitive interface. Administrators can both protect data down to the file and node level as well as visualize and diagnose job operations across any number of endpoints. 

“These enhancements help organizations save time, gain peace of mind, and gain more visibility into global file delivery,” says Resilio’s Chief Product Officer, Ilan Shamir. “The new File Query capability gives administrators an effective tool to keep support costs low and save time. Improved statistics and monitoring enable better decision-making and proactive problem-solving.”

Additionally, an improved alerting system sends event-specific notifications, helping administrators react promptly during critical situations. This enhanced manageability and observability are essential for maintaining the integrity and availability of data across the organization. 

File Query: Gaining Granular Insights

Understanding the status of transfer and synchronization jobs and obtaining file-specific information is crucial for administrators managing large or complex environments. 

The File Query capability gives administrators the ability to drill down to the file level to discover the status of files as of a specific time and location.

With File Query, administrators can search for files across their infrastructure to obtain job status and file-specific details related to job progress. This functionality facilitates efficient troubleshooting, auditing, and reporting. For example, administrators can easily identify which files have successfully synchronized and which require attention, all from a centralized interface.

File Query simplifies the process of locating and managing data across a distributed environment, enhancing productivity and reducing the amount of time spent on manual data tracking.

Policy-Based Delete Control

File delivery isn’t solely about transferring or syncing files; it’s also about preserving data integrity, protecting data, and preventing unwanted deletions. In a distributed environment, accidental deletions can propagate rapidly, causing potential business disruptions. One scenario may simply be an operational error—where files on a node are accidentally deleted.  Another scenario: a user inadvertently deletes a single file or entire folder. 

Resilio Connect saves deleted files in an Archive folder. An additional data protection capability included with Resilio Connect 3.7, is “non-deleting sync”. This feature empowers administrators to define policies that prevent files from being deleted across multiple nodes. By configuring specific rules and permissions, organizations can prevent accidental deletions from cascading throughout their infrastructure. 

This granular control ensures that data remains intact and accessible when and where it’s needed. Policy-based delete control provides a safety net for global enterprises, reducing the risk of data loss and the associated business consequences.

Simplicity at Scale

Whether you’re synchronizing a few or many millions of files and folders spanning thousands of endpoints, ease of use through automation is a key factor in streamlining operations and saving time. Moreover, you should have your choice of how to automate tasks. In the Resilio model, this can be accomplished in a variety of ways. You can leverage the user-friendly Resilio Connect management console for quick setup, or, for more advanced users, utilize scripts and APIs to tailor your file delivery processes. Once a job is configured, it becomes a “set-it-and-forget-it” task. Trust that your files will flow seamlessly through your infrastructure, reducing manual intervention and eliminating the risk of human errors.

One of our delighted customers, Deutsche Aircraft, has experienced firsthand the time-saving benefits of Resilio Connect. They reported an impressive reduction of nearly 50 hours in monthly management time. This is a testament to how Resilio Connect revolutionizes file delivery, empowering IT professionals to allocate their time to other strategic initiatives.

Gaining Peace of Mind

Simplicity saves time—but dependability is often the cornerstone of peace of mind. Many Resilio customers love the fact that Resilio Connect “just works”.  This latest release enhances simplicity, ensuring that your files are securely and reliably delivered without the complexity of intricate management tasks. Imagine a world where you can trust your file delivery to be effortless, without the constant worry of synchronization issues or data loss.

Resilio Connect 3.7 aims to empower IT teams by simplifying file delivery management, allowing them to concentrate on innovation and strategic endeavors rather than spending endless hours troubleshooting and managing data flows.

Getting Started with Resilio Connect

If you’re new to Resilio we’d love to hear from you. Click here to schedule a demo with our team. If you’re a Resilio customer and are considering an upgrade, please schedule time with our customer success manager, Carolina Ibarra, to obtain the latest version of Resilio Connect.

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