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Teamwork Around Shared Assets

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The more companies grow in size, the more they need solutions that allow their employees the ability to work collaboratively on files and projects. Utilizing 3rd party servers and cloud-based solutions is a common practice to achieve this objective, but the ease of collaboration is then diminished by decreased security and reliability. These solutions add an additional step to the sharing process, more often than not also including hardware that does not belong to the organization. A lower level of protection of proprietary information poses a problem.


Using our unique Micro Transport Protocol (UTP2), Resilio Connect offers WAN-optimized transfers and consistently exceeds the performance of traditional one-to-one WAN optimization solutions. The speed increases as more endpoints are added. Resilio Connect will be 50% faster than one-to-one solutions in a 1:2 transfer scenario and 500% faster in a 1:10 scenario.


  • Collaborate in real-time: Work on shared folders and files with ease.
  • Work with different OS: Regardless of the device’s OS on your network, you’ll be able to access and share all files.
  • Logistics that make sense: Logistics requires plenty of data. Maintain transportation routes, schematics and delivery times without the need for extraneous communication.


  • WAN optimized transfers
  • Maximum reliability
  • Reduction in communication/feedback errors