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Video is becoming the most popular form of communication in both social media marketing and for communicating training exercises to staff. The issue with video is the amount of data storage needed as the files are exponentially larger than simple audio files. In turn, that also means that transferring this data to another source requires much more bandwidth to achieve this objective. When working with a collaborative unit to edit and share materials, this makes the process daunting with many solutions that require 3rd party servers and a strong network connection.


Resilio Sync offers the most reliable syncing solution available. It offers 100% reliability regardless of network strength and transfers can occur up to 16X faster! Create your own personal cloud without the need for 3rd party servers. Sync offers a direct P2P syncing solution with full encryption – meaning you can share with who you choose to share with without having to fear storing proprietary information and creations on cloud-based solutions that are susceptible to cyber-attack. With the physical infrastructure in place, your devices and your storage control your data.


  • Marketing Dept.: Your team can work collaboratively on projects and make updates in near real-time.
  • Media: Create dazzling videos for your clients that can be vetted and approved in a fraction of the time.
  • Blow away prospects: Create videos for your staff to show prospects in meetings with branded videos available on all devices and operating systems.


  • Highly encrypted transfers
  • Sends large files quickly and easily
  • Use multiple OS to work on the same projects
  • Absolute reliability independent of network conditions and hardware availability


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