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Building an extensive music library is the goal of all music fans. Having the ability to listen to your favourite tracks, whenever you want and wherever you want, enables you to share your favourites while livening up parties or even while exercising. Enjoying this type of freedom has long been expensive, either paying to download individual songs on all of your devices or for subscribing to cloud-based solutions that require significant financial investment on a monthly basis.


Sync Pro offers a solution that is free AND allows you to share your music between any devices you allow to be connected to your network. Basically, you’re creating your own music library cloud that can include only your own personal devices – or you can include your friends for easy access to music anytime, anyplace. Sync is quick, secure and gives you the freedom to bring your collection with you wherever you go.


  • Business Presentation: Use Sync to queue up a playlist to add that little extra oomph to your next presentation.
  • Personal Use: Don’t hit the road for your next jog or have to spend your data queueing up your favourite songs on streaming sites at your next party.
  • Stay Educating: Use Resilio Sync to post audio files of lectures and lessons to reach students who need additional help in class.


  • Saves money on subscriptions and multiple downloads
  • Curate a larger collection by collaborating with friends and loved ones
  • No longer limited by cloud-based storage or email limitations