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Working on projects in the digital world involves plenty of collaboration. Communication between different companies, even departments within a single organization, requires the need to send large files throughout the process of completing many projects. With email limitations and implementing 3rd party server and/or cloud-based solutions, exchanging materials and specs can become a cumbersome and inefficient part of the process.


Resilio Connect offers a solution that is optimized and scalable to thousands of clients, allowing users to send multi-GB files reliably and quickly over any/all WAN and LAN Networks. Thanks to our revolutionary Peer to Peer technology, your fast P2P transfers will save you time, costs and bandwidth. To move data, Resilio Connect establishes a direct connection between clients, meaning you’re creating a direct connection on the infrastructure of the devices being used. Regardless of OS, each user is directly connected and then utilizes the direct connection to share encrypted files with the most security and reliability on the market.


  • Media: Send direct cuts and HD images to editors faster than using cloud-based solutions.
  • HealthCare: Share imagery quickly with professionals around the world in order to offer the best in care to your patients.
  • Design and Marketing Agencies: Working on a large file that requires customer approval at many checkpoints of the project? Use Connect to show updates and keep your clients in the loop quickly and efficiently.
  • Education: Provide up-to-the-minute updates to students regarding changes in textbook information or even as a forum to submit large digital projects to instructors.


  • WAN optimized transfers
  • Data in transit equipped with industry-leading encryption
  • No longer limited by cloud-based storage or email limitations


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