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Data security is of the utmost importance to your day-to-day operations. Whether dealing with highly classified and sensitive information or having plenty of information to store regarding client and employee information, failing to protect that data leaves you open to severe losses. As operations become increasingly digitised, your need to protect proprietary information increases as well.


Resilio Connect helps you maintain a network that keeps files exclusively on the devices within your own network. While cloud solutions leave you open to cyber-attack, maintaining a network with Connect is as simple as having an infrastructure in place. Connect establishes an SSL connection between its peers and, prior to data being transferred from one device to another, the data is AES 128-bit encrypted. Only once data is received on the other end is that information decrypted and made available to that user. This ensures that only those with access to the folders have the ability to access the data within.


  • Quicker Approvals: In the financial sector, protecting client information has meant creating processes that ensure reliable transfer of data. This means longer processes than are necessary. Accessing and sharing data using Connect will allow for reliable, speedy delivery that keeps that information encrypted until it reaches its destination. Doing so faster than our competition helps you share info. Quicker and give you the ability to help more people, in less time./span>
  • Remote Access for all: Workers who are constantly out-of-office can share and update folders from wherever they may be. This benefits everyone from mortgage brokers and insurance salesmen to police and EMS workers. Adding devices to the network is easy!
  • Real-Time Updates & Maximum Distribution with Additional Layers of Security: Literally, thousands upon thousands of devices can use your network. For added protection, you can do so and create multiple permission levels for added security within your own network. Have folders that people at different levels can access before making public.


  • Every device has control over how it communicates.
  • Data is unhackable - no password to figure out, no person to exploit or server to target for an attack.
  • Reliably move data of any size to those who need it, when they need it.


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