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Sync R&D Sites Faster

Connect is the fastest way to send gigs of binaries between R&D sites. It enables you to move builds, SDKs, and test files on demand and at scale.

Connect’s WAN Acceleration combined with its P2P architecture improve site-to-site synchronization time by 50-300%.

Give your team more time to develop and test and less time waiting around for code.

Distribute Binaries Faster Over the LAN

Bypass the bottleneck created by your file server and network topology to distribute new binaries 5-10x faster.  Your LAN is mostly idle, yet it still takes hours to update your dev and test machines.

Connect’s P2P architecture increases your LAN utilization so you and your team get more done without wasting time and money on complex network upgrades.

Give yourself the confidence that comes with deploying cutting edge technology.

Sync Perforce Replicas Faster

Connect is the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to replicate Perforce repositories.

It’s a simple “push of the button” deployment model and we handle all the rest. A scenario may be that you have your main repository in California, and have remote teams all over the world.

You want to set up several replicas to support your distributed team and your really big build farm. To achieve that, you will need very specific Perforce expertise, write a cumbersome number of scripts and once all of the initial work is performed trying to ship terabytes of data across the ocean will lead to bandwidth, latency, and reliability problems.

Connect deeply integrates with Perforce to make replication exponentially faster and 100% reliable. Replication that combines WAN Acceleration, P2P replication, and  Perforce knowledge makes Connect the most efficient solution to this problem.


Use Your Existing Infrastructure

Connect integrates into your existing IT infrastructure and runs on any OS environment. By better utilizing idle network connections, it improves performance without requiring any new hardware.

10x Faster Speeds

For every endpoint added in your network, Connect becomes more powerful, faster, and resilient with transferring your data. Your QA team gets more test cycles done, your Dev team has faster access to the latest builds. Your company gets faster time to market.

Fits into Your Workflow

Automate all jobs with Connect’s robust API. Execute scripts with custom triggers before and after transfer jobs. Write scripts in the language of your choice.

Auto Scales to Your Needs

Whether it’s millions of files, terabytes of data, or thousands of endpoints, Connect can handle it. As opposed to centralized or hardware-based solutions, P2P systems like Connect, automatically scale according to you operational needs.

Talk With a Solution Architect

P2P is Faster

Peer-to-peer technology is the fastest way to distribute data across any network. It reduces the load on the server by channeling the power behind every endpoint connected in your system. Connect uses similar principles to BitTorrent, but key algorithms like peer-selection and piece-picking were enhanced to meet the needs of an enterprise network.


Endpoint Scalability

Built on top of the BitTorrent protocol, Connect can easily scale to 1000s of endpoints, and many TBs of data. The endpoint agents monitor the file system and quickly respond to changes.

Updates are distributed between peers and don’t depend on the availability or capacity of the centralized management console.

WAN Optimization

Connect’s WAN transfer protocol is optimized to overcome latency, loss, and dropped connections. Distant connections suffer from high latency and some loss.

Resilio Connect utilizes 100% of the available bandwidth independent of your network conditions, and eliminates the need for a dedicated WAN optimization solution. Legacy transfer protocols degrade by 50-90% in such an environment.


Mbps  |  10GB file to 10 endpoints over 10 Mbps link (250ms latency, 2% packet loss)


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Perforce Integration

Replication normally stresses a commit server because Perforce uses a pull model. Each replica independently pulls from a commit server.

The more replicas, the more hammered a commit server gets trying to service all of them - high latency systems that need to transfer large files and file sets get especially congested. This slows down the commit server for everyone, even local users.

Connect globally orchestrates the entire replication process to mitigate local inefficiencies. It turns the process into a push process thereby offloading the strain on the commit server.

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