Build Your Own Private Cloud


Cloud technology is the way many businesses today store files and communicate with one another. With a central server that staff can use to store files, cloud technology was leaned upon despite some fairly obvious drawbacks.

Security is an issue as you’re highly dependent on servers in between to collect data and store it safely. When dealing with the transfer and storage of large files consisting of highly sensitive and confidential materials, having a solution that allows those files to not be accessed by unwanted guests is vital.


With Resilio, you’re able to create your own company cloud - one that works on infrastructure that your business already owns. Using sync methodology, you can create a centralized hub with which data can be stored and updated in real time.

Doing so this way can save you time, money and give you peace of mind. Formerly BitTorrent Sync, Connect gives companies all of the familiarity of cloud-based technology with more reliability, security and speed. Furthermore, the distributed nature of BitTorrent technology enables a unique and differentiated private cloud solution.


With Resilio software, you can create a private cloud instance that is securely distributed across infrastructure you already own and operate. This unique solution delivers private cloud performance that feels “local” to all users, even those in remote and difficult to reach locations.

This benefits:

  • Retail: The ability to share specs, and share information on specials across thousands of locations 16X faster than cloud-based solutions.
  • Logistics: Upload schematics and gain instant access to the data your company needs to streamline operations from that make orders, transport and delivery routes available in a flash.
  • Health Care: Store & update patient files reliably and securely on your own private network with ease of use to staff.

Key Benefits

  • 100% reliability.
  • Effective use of the LAN to replicate data locally.
  • Create a private data centre on your own digital infrastructure.
  • Scalability that grows with your business. Handles 100’s of GB’s of data without worry of failure.

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