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Smartphones are ubiquitous in and out of the office. Whether on vacation taking pics of your exploits or using your phone to create notes and documents related to work, your phone becomes an integral part of your experience - and what you capture generally means that you’ll need a place to store memories and important data. Cloud-based solutions have filled this gap for many, however many of the people who have used this type of solution have experienced cyber-attacks that caused severe privacy issues both personally and professionally.


With Resilio Connect and Resilio Sync, now people can experience the joys of backing up anything from their mobile device with reliability and, most importantly, security. Mobile devices simply become a part of the network you create within your infrastructure. And, with Resilio being compatible across the most popular device platforms, needing a unified, proprietary solution among your devices is completely negated. With WAN optimized transfers that also consistently outpace other solutions, Resilio combines the joys of reliability and security with speed of delivery.


  • Personal Photos and Videos: Take a picture. Make a movie. Back it up immediately. Share it with your personal storage device at home and remove from your phone to also save you storage room to keep creating memories.
  • Quick updates for colleagues: In terms of insurance and government agencies, claims can be updated to files on the spot. Judgments can be made sooner, streamlining processes for security and sensitivity purposes thanks to Resilio’s 100% reliability and rapid upload speeds
  • Creative Design and Marketing Agencies: Work with your clients remotely with a network that is point-to-point. Sync has become the most popular p2p syncing and file sharing application available for the most popular operating systems, meaning you don’t even need to run on same devices as clients. Great for Mac to Windows transferring and backup.


  • Increased storage on mobile devices.
  • Protection from attack on cloud server.
  • WAN Optimized solution works on any hardware.


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