How to Collect CCTV Videos From Many Locations to a Single Server?

How to Collect CCTV Videos From Many Locations to a Single Server


In this use case example, we will look into pulling data from remote workstations and moving it to a central server. For example, gathering video recording from surveillance cameras located in remote offices or stores.

Resilio Connect achieves this task through a Consolidation Job.  The Consolidation Job is designed to collect data from multiple agents onto a storage server or servers. This is a scheduled job where Resilio Connect takes the files from defined paths on source agents and copies them to a specified location on a destination server. On the server, the data is grouped by sub-folders named after the agent it arrived from.

In our example, we will be collecting CCTV videos from 3 agents and upload them to the Management Server.

To Get Started, Create a New Job

Consolidation Job is created and configured on JOBS tab -> CREATE NEW JOB, through a step-by-step wizard.

Step 1: Choose Consolidation as a Job Type

Use this job type to backup or collect data from remote agents.

Step 2: Specify Job Details

Give it a name so it can be easily recognizable  (the name will also be used for the folder created on the server).

Step 3: Choose Source Group/s

Choose the Source Group - Agents belonging to these groups will be uploading their data. You can create a new group or use the ones that you already have. We add the three source agents to group "CCTV Backup US Branches".

Step 4: Choose Destination Group/s

Choose the Destination Group - We add the Management Server to this group - that’s where we want to collect the data from source agents.

Step 5: Specify Path

This step is crucial - Here, we specify the source path for each of the Source Groups. At this step we will pick the custom path and put the full path for each OS (If you have a few agents with the same OS, but different paths, you can create a separate group for each type and specify a different path for each).

When specifying path on destination server, you can leave the default path macro, or define a custom path.

Step 7: Specify Job Schedule

We will run this job nightly at 3 AM.

Step 8: Review Job Summary & Save

Save if everything is correct, or make adjustments to any step.

Job Completed: All CCTV Files Were Collected Successfully

Source agents will look for the indicated directories and index files. The uploading of files will start in another thread. Once finished, the files will appear on the destination Server. Each source agent will put its files into a separate directory.


That’s it!  In a few simple steps we created a data consolidation job that will collect video footage from our CCTV devices and put them on a central server.



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