Compare Resilio's Business Class File Sync Solutions

Resilio Sync Business

Resilio Sync is a team collaboration solution and personal file synchronization tool. It can scale to support large workgroups and offers granular folder access control, without central management.


Resilio Connect

Resilio Connect is a file transfer and synchronization solution. It is centrally managed and built to integrate with other IT and OPS tools. It can scale to support 1000s of headless endpoints, and millions of files.

Features & Benefits

Sync Business


File Transfer Capabilities

Run synchronization job
Run distribution job
Run consolidation job
Run scripting job
Job scheduler
Pre & post transfer scripting
ACL & file permissions sync
Transparent Selective Sync (TSS)
Legacy Selective sync

Management Capabilities

Central management
Private tracker server/s
Multiple admin roles
AD/LDAP integration
Job prioritizations
Audit log
Log analysis tools compatibility
Ability to upgrade endpoint agents remotely
Endpoint visibility
Endpoint tags
Centralized Automation API

Speed and Scale

WAN optimization
Differential Sync
Max. number of servers
Up to 2
Bandwidth throttling (per job)
Max. clients (per folder)
Max. number of files (per folder)
Up to 1M
High availability setup
Cloud Storage Support


Email support
Phone support
24/7 support