Adding Sync to your solution stack

Add file syncing capabilities that scale with usage and transfer data directly between devices.

Empower your application to move large volumes of data across any type of network connection.

Retain complete control of data at rest on private infrastructure.

Our OEM Partners


OneHub offers online file sharing and storage for the enterprise. They integrated the Sync Engine to offer a hybrid "peer-to-peer +1" approach that combines the benefits of syncing directly with secure OneHub cloud storage.


scConnectTM is an on-premises, enterprise file sync and share solution powered by the Sync Engine which enables secure content mobility. scConnect keeps users and corporate assets safe by providing users with the ability to to access data at any time and IT with administrative oversight, control, and security.

Overland Storage

Overland Storage provides enterprise-grade network attached storage solutions. They've integrated the Sync for Workgroups client to provide end users with the ability to create a private cloud where data exists at rest exclusively on owned infrastructure.

Why Join Our OEM Program

Flexible Partnership Models

Resilio offers our OEM partners flexible business models to easily match your specific hardware/software product integration and differentiate your product.

Simple API Integration

You can manage workflows, build custom reports, automate Sync functions and more

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