Resilio Connect: Fast data transfer for enterprise using peer to peer technology

Resilio Connect For Retail

Say Goodbye to RemoteLink, RemoteWare, and
Slow Updates

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Efficient & Fast Delivery

Update software & data reliably. 100% file delivery success using our unique peer-to-peer architecture. Scales to 1000s of endpoints and any file size. Orders of magnitude faster than your current solution.

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Automate Workflows with Scripting

Script post-download actions using the language and tool of your choice.  Install software, move files, or modify settings.  Bash, Powershell, Python, you name it. Get the flexibility you need to support your business.

Scale to Meet Your Needs

Your transfer speed no longer depends on your data center. No limit on the number of outgoing or incoming connections.  Tens of thousands of clients, thousands of location, one easy to configure tool.

Know Your Network & Endpoints

Learn how long each job takes. Identify your slowest endpoints. Find the links with the most dropped connections. Monitor disk usage on your endpoints. Know your system.

Control Bandwidth Usage

Set bandwidth usage limits based on time-of-day or day-of-week. Create different schedules profiles for different jobs.  Make bandwidth usage match your priorities.

Utilize Your WAN Better

Use our WAN optimized transfer protocol and overcome latent and lossy connections. Minimize your bandwidth usage by leveraging our Delta Encoding solution. Eliminate the need for WAN acceleration and USB sticks.

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Operate A Fault Tolerant System

Run without a single point of failure. Any endpoint is also a server. The Management Console isn’t critical for data flow. Easy to backup and restore.

Use With Any OS

Manage an army of headless agents from one, web-based Management Console. One-click install. Minutes to configure. Support all the operating systems you use.

Collect Data, Create Backups

Consolidate data from 1000s of machines.  Collect performance reports, CCTV videos, transaction logs, or any other file you need.

Save Time and Money with Resilio Connect

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