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Manufacturing today must rely on access to data during all operations. When it comes to sharing schematics or coordinating production with a second or third party, your company is faced with a unique list of compliance and coordination issues. From trying to distribute schematics and floor plans to helping a subsidiary create a compatible product, you cannot rely solely on email, cloud-based servers, or even manual delivery of these details.

Resilio Connect: A Manufacturer’s Answer to Archaic File Sharing

When you reach out to a third party to manufacture components of your latest design, you need to share schematics, materials, and research. Traditionally, these items were sent via email in multiple attachments, mailed directly to the company, or sent over a cloud server.

If your subsidiary or third party is located in another country, the process of transferring data slowed your operations tremendously.

Resilio Connect set out to change how data and files were transferred between companies, individuals, and large enterprises. Now you can coordinate and work together without relying on mail or email.

Utilizing the power of BitTorrent peer-to-peer network, you use a private infrastructure to share your information. This architecture provides a reliable storage and synchronization platform that provides dependability beyond “the cloud.”

Better Forecasts for More Accurate Production

When you have access to analytical data from retailers, distributors, and subsidiaries, your company can better predict the demand and production of your consumer goods. You can also have direct access to data about plants - and analyze their output and potential for meeting customer demands.

Secondary plants, distributors, and retailers can load their sales reports and data into your peer-to-peer network for instant access and reliability.

Streamline IT, Manufacturing, and Operational Systems into One

Whether you are sharing information with your quality control team, processors, or assembly team, you can automate data sharing by sending files, schematics, and production schedules to everyone at once.

Resilio Connect works as a catalyst to bring multifunctional departments together - including those operating across the globe. Streamlining the process is essential for you creating more structure and reliability to your own operations.

Increasing Accuracy, Quality and Overall Yield

When manufacturers can monitor hundreds of variables from multiple agencies, they can ensure ingredient potency, development accuracy, and remain in compliance with all state and federal regulations.

If you are ready to enjoy maximum reliability, end-to-end encryption, and skip the hassles of the cloud, now is the time to consider Resilio Connect for your company.


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