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Bringing Connectivity to the Edge of the Network

Reliability over any network

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Update Vehicles Quickly and Reliably

Deploy system updates to emergency vehicles, vessels, and planes faster than anything you have seen before. Connect operates over your existing infrastructure and uses P2P technology and WAN acceleration to overcome any network limitation.

Eliminate vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure with Connect’s fast patch deployment protocol to distribute security patches and updates for ultimate endpoint security.

10x faster

Collect and Backup Operational Data

Consolidate data from multiple vehicles with Connect’s robust data consolidation system. Stop wasting time waiting for vehicles to come in close proximity to pull their data.

Get performance stats and transportation data from vehicles around the globe traveling with limited internet connections.

Distribute Operational Data

Distribute time sensitive data like maps, blueprints, user manuals, and Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) information to your fleet of vehicles.

Connect delivers over any network and provides the kind of fault tolerance that is expected in your IT environment.

P2P: The Fastest Way to Move Data

Keeping EMS Providers Up-to-date with Resilio

"For us, it was head and shoulders above the other products. It’s really a turnkey solution."

— Alex Bellak, EMS Systems administrator.

    City of Troy, Michigan


100% Reliable

Eliminate the bottleneck in system updates from failed file transfers. Ensure that every endpoint in your network is updated with Connect’s fault tolerant transfer protocol that resumes every failed transfer until the job is 100% completed.

Global Scale, 10x Faster

For every endpoint added in your network, Connect becomes more powerful, faster, and resilient with transferring your data. Expand IT operations to new and existing sites in your business. Connect is the only solution that can deliver data over slow/poor connections where competing solutions fail.

Fits into Your Workflow

Automate all jobs with Connect's robust API. Execute scripts with custom triggers before and after transfer jobs. Write scripts in the language of your choice.

Security Safety Net

When all else fails, Connect continues to deliver. Connect is the only solution that will 100% deliver your data - and on schedule. Its packed with 10x faster transfer speeds and robust scripting to reliably patch any system in the most remote locations.

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Resilio Connect enables integration of scripts in transfer jobs.  Each job has 3 scripting triggers: prior to starting a transfer job, after a machine completes a transfer, and after all machines complete a transfer.

You can use custom scripts to install software, modify settings, etc. Scripts can be made OS-specific and written in any language.

For example, a job could be configured to trigger a Bash script on Linux, a Powershell on Windows, and Python on OSX.

WAN Optimization

Connect’s WAN transfer protocol is optimized to overcome latency, loss, and dropped connections.  Vehicles connected over Satellite or 4G/LTE suffer from high latency and frequent connection drops. Legacy transfer protocols degrade by 50-90% in such an environment.  Resilio Connect utilizes 100% of the available bandwidth independent of your network conditions.


Mbps  |  10GB file to 10 endpoints over 10 Mbps link (250ms latency, 2% packet loss)


  Resilio Connect        Competitors        FTP

Robust Reporting & Analytics

Connect’s Central Management Console provides a comprehensive view of your system.

You can view real-time performance metrics, identify weak links, drill into the status of individual endpoints, and review the history of all executed jobs in your network for greater visibility.

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