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Whether you are an independent agent, insurance corporation, or local broker, you need access to the latest insurance policy information and potential client data. Insurance companies must share critical data amongst themselves, as well as insurers, to provide better coverage to their customers.

Cloud-based connections fail to provide insurance brokers with the latest information and are incapable of handling larger file transfers. Without immediate access to data accumulation and storage, an insurance company may not provide the insurance options or quick service a customer expects to receive.

Meet Resilio Connect: An Insurance Retailer’s Preferred Network

Resilio Connect operates on a peer-to-peer network based on your company’s private infrastructure. It is not cloud-based, so you do not have documents stored in a centralized online hub where they become susceptible to hacking or loss.

Connect uses the leading peer-to-peer technology to avoid single point failures, even if one point goes off the network. Updates and synchronization occur regardless of file size, and regardless of connection speeds. In fact, speeds are three times faster than traditional centralized architectures.

How Resilio Connect Empowers Insurance Companies, Brokers, and Independent Agents

  • Highly Reliable: When a customer needs policy updates or has a claim to file, you require access to their data. Resilio Connect features a 100% reliability with no single point failure.
  • Ideal for Remote Workers: When claims adjusters are in the field, they need access to customer files, forms, and pertinent documents. They also need to share photographs and notes with their central office. Remote employees can drop files into their peer-to-peer network and, even without a reliable connection, the files are transferred.
  • Scales to Your Clientele: If your company is growing, Resilio Connect grows with you. You can take on thousands of new insurance customers with over one million files and not see any slack from Resilio Connect.
  • Encrypts Data: As an insurer, you are dealing with sensitive data, including client date of births, bank account information, social security numbers, and more. Resilio Connect uses end-to-end encrypted transfers, so client information is never compromised.
  • Automated Workflow: In the insurance business, you have multiple parties handling the same client files. With Resilio Connect, you can automate workflow and have insurance teams collaborate faster. Data will automatically sync in your peer-to-peer network too. So, everyone stays on the same page.

Explore the possibilities of Resilio Connect and see how it improves your insurance business or brokerage firm.


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