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All health care providers need access to data quickly to provide patients with the highest level of care possible. Health care professionals today are streamlining their record keeping by moving to digital storage.

Digital storage can still complicate matters of patient care, which is why the health care industry must use a system that was created with the complexity of maintaining and updating large quantities of data, reliably, in real-time.

Most importantly, Resilio operates within your private infrastructure.

How Does Resilio Connect Benefit the Health Care Industry?

Health care providers need to share data with one another to give their patients the best possible care. However, they must also meet the requirements of HIPAA and their patient’s privacy. Resilio Connect meets these needs by:

  • Offering Maximum Reliability: Physicians cannot care for a patient properly if they do not have up-to-date health records. Resilio Connect provides 100% reliability on any network.
  • Maximum Security: HIPAA and other federal regulations require health care providers to maintain their patient’s privacy. With Resilio Connect, data is secured without a cloud and all based on private infrastructure. It also features an end-to-end data encryption and security is cryptographic without leaving any data for cyber-attacks on the cloud.
  • High-Performance Service Capacity: Updates are faster with Resilio, including up to multiple GB/s over LAN and WAN. Our peer-to-peer technology allows shared access without a central server - increasing reliability and bandwidth. This service capacity exists regardless of network speeds and availability.
  • Scales to Your Service: As your practice or clinic grows, you can scale Resilio Connect to your needs. Adding more devices? Going 100% digital? Resilio Connect handles 100s of GBs of files without issue.
  • User-Friendly System: You cannot train every nurse, technician, or physician a complicated system. With Resilio, you just need an app. Administrators control everything from their central management console, and dashboard’s monitor deployments.

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For faster record transfers and access to the latest health records, your practice, hospital or clinic needs Resilio Connect.


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