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Secure file sharing is an essential component of a successful government agency. Whether it is a small department, a state program, or federal branch of the government, data and files must be shared with the utmost confidentiality.

While your government agency relies on data sharing, you also rely on safety and security. When collecting data, you need a reliable data storage with the ability to access that data regardless of network connectivity.

Resilio utilizes peer-to-peer technology and private infrastructures to allow government agencies to share, sync, and update files with the reliability needed to ensure departmental reliability.

Police and EMS Benefit from Fast Access

Emergency responders and police officers must respond quickly to emergency calls. While geographical information systems help police and other EMS professionals locate buildings, government agencies need to store building information so that EMS teams can access it quickly.

EMS can update maps, floor plans, and information about hazardous materials located inside buildings. Flash drives and cloud storage do not offer the reliability needed in case of emergencies. Cloud-stored data is too sensitive to cyber-attacks, network connection and other security issues.

Peer-to-peer file distribution makes sense. With Resilio Connect, police, ambulance services, and fire departments can share data and access it quickly regardless of network strength.

Real-Time Updating

Resilio Connect features real-time updates and synchronization. There’s no need for maximum internet speed either. Instead, Resilio Connect delivers files (including excessive GBs) three times faster than other methods.

Maximum Distribution

With Resilio Connect, government agencies can reach maximum distribution - with thousands of devices attached to a single peer-to-peer network. That means that local governments could update service teams, EMS departments, and administrative offices at a single time.

Save on Bandwidth Costs

To share photographs, videos, and other high-gigabyte documents, government agencies rely on peer-to-peer networks. In fact, NASA has used a BitTorrent network to share a picture of Earth.

Complete Privacy with 100% Reliability

Resilio Connect works privately. There is no information stored in the cloud, and when data is sent along the peer-to-peer network, it receives end-to-end encryption. Users decide what folders to share and what is linked to devices on the peer network.

When files are altered or copied, they are automatically updated and shared with everyone that has access.

Better, with Resilio Connect, your government agency gets 100% reliability. Even if the receiving end loses their internet connection, Resilio Connect resumes sending the file the moment the connection is back - so, no more failed sends!

Resilio Connect brings critical data, information, and life-saving resources to government agencies by cutting out the middle man and improving reliability.


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