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The educational system is constantly evolving. Today, schools are becoming more high-tech and, with educators seeking to evolve from physical textbooks and paper student records, the data that needs to be stored and shared multiplies exponentially.

Whether you are a grade school, university or trade school, you require access to student information quickly. Also, you need to find new ways to share data with students, which mitigates educational costs and the need for physical textbooks as students become older.

What is Resilio Connect?

Resilio Connect is designed for enterprises that need to share data on a peer-to-peer network. Our service is 100% reliable, regardless of file size or network.

Even better, our system scales to your needs. So, if your student count grows or you start moving textbooks to a subscription-based service, Resilio Connect can easily meet those demands.

With peer-to-peer technology, your files transfer directly to other computers without relying on a cloud-based or centralized architecture. The peer-to-peer system works on your private infrastructure, keeping you more secure and, most importantly, putting you in control of your company’s security.

How Does Resilio Benefit Schools and Higher Education?

  • Educators Share Data: Educators work together to improve student education. With Resilio Connect, teachers and professors can share data for classes they teach within departments, spanning any distance globally. This allows department members to collaborate and support one another for better education schoolwide.
  • Off-Site Access to Data: With Resilio Connect, teachers can send substitutes lesson plans for the day, access student grades and records, and avoid piecemeal solutions that minimize remote access. Teachers can also prepare lesson plans at home, add them to their folders, then access them at school.
  • Remove the Need for Textbooks: Textbooks are costly for higher education as well as grade-level schools. More schools are moving toward subscription-based books. With a peer-to-peer sharing network, schools can distribute texts to students and educators without purchasing textbooks.
  • Large Files Shared Quickly: Traditional cloud-based backups take hours (if not days) to share data. With a peer-to-peer network, large files are transferred in minutes. So, educators can add presentations without worrying about a delay.

Using Resilio Connect means you can share files, remain synchronized, and stay connected without adding excess costs to your facility’s budget.

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Now is the time to harness the power of a peer-to-peer network and see how Resilio Connect empowers your grade school, district, or university. Resilio is scalable for small schools and large universities.


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