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Financial institutions deal with a multitude of security issues. If you’re dealing with sensitive data like people’s financial information, you need a solution that is tailored to your industry’s glaring need to keep that data reliably accessible and secure. Resilio Connect is the perfect solution for your business.

High-Performance File Transfers

Resilio Connect offers a distributed file delivery system and synchronization capabilities that can help organizations relocate large amounts of data to numerous locations - including time-sensitive data. It is ideal for data that must be transferred across a high latency network or an unreliable connection.

How Resilio Connect Improves Your Business

As a financial service provider for large groups of individuals, you need a reliable, fast, and safe service.

With Resilio, you get the opportunity to transfer your data while harnessing the powerful combination of security, automatic recovery, real-time document access, and so much more.

Your team can quickly retrieve, edit, and save client files from any location. With our Connect service, you can sync and deliver large amounts of data regardless of your network connection.

Services Tailor-made for Banking or Financial Service Clients

  • Speed: You may have time-sensitive data that needs to be transported from one office to another. Resilio looks for the shortest path between two locations to transfer data quickly - even if that path takes it across the globe.
  • High-Security Encryption: As a financial service provider, you have strict regulations when it comes to customer data. With Resilio, every file in transit is highly encrypted. Today’s banking and financial industry is teeming with cyber security threats. State regulators are initiating harsher penalties for banks that fail to meet their standard security requirements. Therefore, cyber security should be at the top of your risk management agenda. Resilio meets and exceeds cybersecurity needs, ensuring your data is always safe in transit.
  • Cross-Platform Compatible: When you have multiple branches or offices, you cannot afford to ensure all computers operate on the same platform. With Resilio, you can work on Windows, send files to a Mac, and then transfer back to a Windows machine without issue.
  • Reliability: Resilio Connect helps financial institutions transfer data within their infrastructure safely and securely, regardless of network connectivity. Should you need to process data through numerous data centers, that data transfer can occur, highly encrypted, and with maximum reliability.

Upgrade to Resilio and Protect Your Institution’s Critical Data

As a financial institution, you know the importance of protecting your customers’ data. With Resilio, you are boosting internet security, allowing offices to interact, and keeping your business streamlined without worrying about cyber threats.


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