Announcing Resilio Connect 2.1

What’s New In Connect 2.1

The Resilio Team is excited to release our newest features for Connect! We have been working hard to make Connect better and faster for you each day. Try out Connect 2.1 and take control of your IT environment on any network. Here’s a quick summary of the newest features:

New Scripting Triggers: Automate Your Workflow

We’re giving more triggers to make your job easier. Set a trigger given a specific occurrence to run scripts on remote agents:

  • Before file-indexing begins
  • After an agent completes downloading
  • After all agents complete downloading

Pure Scripting Jobs: Customized Control

We’ve added a new scripting job feature, where you can execute code on remote machines independent of file transfers. We wanted to give you more control on how you run commands on your machines in addition to the main jobs (Distribution, Consolidation, Synchronization) we provide in Connect.

Like other jobs, you can schedule when you want your scripts to be executed (don’t worry we’ll get to the new job scheduling feature below). You can also view the results of your scripting job from the centralized Management Console.

Job Scheduler: Optimize Your Time

Similar to our current bandwidth scheduler feature, now we’re giving you granular control to schedule jobs. You can schedule, pause, and restart jobs whenever you want.

  • Optimize your time and automate tasks you would normally execute manually with the Job Scheduler
  • Run jobs whenever:  immediately, manually, hourly, daily, weekly, and at a specified date and time. It’s your choice, schedule away! You can also use the Management Console to download the log file in the Job Details view to review the status and history of your job.

Pause and Restart Jobs

Something unexpected popped up during the day? No worries, now you have the ability to pause and restart jobs that you are currently running and resume later where you left off.

Smarter & Faster Syncing: Optimize Data Flow

We made our synchronization protocol smarter and fault tolerant across any unreliable network.

Differential Synchronization: Same data, but we move less of it faster

We’ve developed a faster and more efficient file diff detection protocol so when we move your data, we move only the changes in your files. Why waste time moving an entire file, when we can move a portion that was altered.

File Deduplication

Save time and reduce network usage. Our sophisticated file level Deduplication minimizes data transfer by not transferring files if they already exist in another folder.


We hope you're stoked to try out the new features. Don’t forget to let us know what you think! If you are new to Connect, request a free-trial today and get started with 2.1.



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