The Future of Sync

When we launched Sync in 2013, we wanted to make a statement.  To offer a glimpse of a future unlike anything else in the market.  A future where the cloud was NOT the final resting place for all your data, locked away, beyond your control.

And even with such a lofty goal, we’ve been blown away by the reception since.

We’re constantly inspired by the powerful testimonials of our Sync community and are humbled by the amazing ways our users have put this technology to use.  


In the light of such an overwhelming response, I’m pleased to say the journey for Sync users is only beginning.  Under our new corporate structure we’re free to continue investing in Sync for individual use (both free and Pro) and we will be releasing exciting new features in the coming months.  

We’ve found our best opportunities start with the personal inspiration of our users and we’re honored by your continued support for our product.  
Stay tuned and happy Syncing!