BitTorrent Sync Update: Search & New Column Options

It’s been a few weeks since we took the beta tag off Sync and introduced version 2.0. Each week, we publish a story here that showcases how a customer uses the product, and we’re quickly learning some of the areas where Sync has been most useful.

Creative/digital agencies like Singley + Mackie use it to work with massive files while keeping everything private. The fully distributed team at Owl’s Head Solutions uses it to keep everyone connected to shared assets. Small businesses like The Photo Booth Guys value the cost savings and syncing efficiencies. And we’ve also seen organizations like Team Live Longer use it within efforts to battle cervical cancer in Haiti, where poor Internet connections, a need to keep patient records private, and large files sizes made Sync an important solution.

Since 2.0 was released, the Sync team has been hard at work optimizing the product and adding new functionality. Moving forward, you should see more frequent feature product releases.

Here’s what’s new in Sync 2.0.120 for Windows, OS X, and Linux. All of these enhancements are available to both free and pro editions:


  • Search for folders, users, and devices in the folder list, peer list, and in licenses.
  • New optional column for “Owner” so you can easily see who owns which folder.
  • New optional column for “Last transferred” so you know the last time files were changed in a folder.
  • Ability to hide offline devices in the My Devices list that you are not using anymore.


  • All settings in a folder’s Share dialog are now remembered the next time it is opened.
  • For Sync-specific options, icons have been added to the contextual menu of folders and files in Explorer (Windows) and Finder (OS X).
  • Additional usability and design improvements.
  • Many core engine improvements.

For a complete list of what’s changed in Sync, see the documentation here. You can get this new version by clicking the button below, or wait for it to be available or auto-update within the next few days.

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