Sync Stories: Backup all Received Media Files on Your Android

In this week’s edition of Sync Stories, we discovered a neat trick from one of our forum members (Laloeka). For our Android users, instantly backup all received media files on your mobile device – be it downloads or something you get on a messaging app – with this simple, but useful tip.

From Laloeka:

I have BTSync between my PC, my server and my laptop:


My Android phone will sync the following folders with the server (<=>: two-way, =>: read only)

./sync/phone/DCIM <=> /sdcard0/DCIM
./sync/phone/Downloads <=> /sdcard0/Downloads
./sync/phone/Whatsapp <=> *1*
./sync/phone/Telegram <=> *2*
./sync/Music => /sdcard0/Music

*1* and *2* : I don’t know where exactly these files are stored, so you’ll have to find that yourself!

Note that all these shared folders are within the shared folder that my PC, laptop and server share, and will be synced with the server that is (hopefully) always available.

What this means is that all my received media and photos/video I make on my phone will always be available on my computer and laptop, and backed up on the fly (over WiFi only with battery > 75%). Furthermore, I can listen to my music library from my phone without having to worry about the app ruining my file structure. I can manage all of these files on my phone from my PC or laptop via the one shared folder I have there, then the server will share the changes with my phone.

Simple trick, but quite effective 🙂