Resilio Sync Mobile App: Access Folders Anywhere (Video)

Let’s say there’s a folder of files you’d like to access on your mobile device; maybe there’s something you need to review on the train ride home, or there’s a project file you’d like to show a client. Whatever the reason, the process of getting this set up can be challenging.

Sync makes this very easy. You can have any folder available on your mobile, regardless of the size. The app allows you to consume only what you need and to delete when you’re done, preserving  the storage capacity of your phone or tablet. Also: a new feature we recently rolled out allows to you connect all of your personal devices to a single identity, so whatever is added on one device syncs across the board. It’s like having an account in the cloud… but without the cloud. It’s fully private, and it’s fast.

The video below will walk you though the different features, including how you can add files directly from your mobile to sync to other devices, and changing permission / ownership controls if there’s a team folder that you’re the owner of:

Sync is available on iOSAndroid and Windows Phone. Get the desktop app here.