Sync Hacks: TV Everywhere with PlayLater and BitTorrent Sync

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In this week’s Sync Hacks: PlayLater is the first DVR service for online video. Now with BitTorrent Sync, you can get all of your content across all of your devices to enjoy even when you’re offline.

PlayLater allows you to do more with your online video account – be it Netflix, Hulu, or something similar. It allows you to record the content you’ve subscribed to and combined with BitTorrent Sync, makes it accessible across all your different devices. Imagine the different situations where this would come in handy – on a plane, at a bus stop, even at home if something goes wrong with your Internet connection.

Delivery has long been a pain point for online video. The mass adoption of mobile makes it so that desktop is no longer the de facto consumption channel. Having “TV Everywhere” is the prevailing trend these days and we can only expect this movement to continue growing. Technology needs to be there to support.

PlayLater and BitTorrent Sync Mobile Screenshot

With BitTorrent Sync, PlayLater subscribers can easily sync content across their devices. All customers need to do is set up a Sync folder on their desktop, and watch as the content instantly appears on their iPhone, iPad, Android device or Windows phone. And since the content is being moved directly from device-to-device, the transfer speed is fast – very fast. No longer will users have to spend loads of time syncing through iTunes or executing a drag-and-drop. Best of all, it’s a free solution.

Have a look at the PlayLater service today and if you sign up, get it to do more with the help of BitTorrent Sync.