Sync Hacks: How To Use BitTorrent Sync to Synchronize Directories in Ubuntu 14.04

Sync Hacks is a column dedicated to exploring new applications for BitTorrent Sync, as built by users like you. BitTorrent Sync is a free, unlimited, secure file-syncing app. (And now, it’s even more mobile.) If you’ve got an epic Sync idea, use-case or how-to, shoot us an email at sync[at]

In this week’s Sync Hacks: Our friends over at Digital Ocean show how BitTorrent Sync can be used to manage files and directories between servers and local machines.


Syncing files and directories between servers and local machines is a very common requirement when dealing with networked computers. One method of automatically syncing the contents of directories is with a technology calledBitTorrent Sync. This software leverages the BitTorrent protocol that is commonly used for file sharing as a synchronization tool.

Communication through BitTorrent Sync is encrypted end-to-end based on a unique shared secret that is auto-generated. While BitTorrent as a file sharing mechanism is a public service, the way that BitTorrent Sync uses the protocol is private, meaning that files can be transferred securely.

In this guide, we will demonstrate how to install and use BitTorrent Sync on two Ubuntu 14.04 servers. We will show you how to set up your shared directories, and how to set up SSL encryption for the web interface to securely administer your servers.

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