Sync Dev: Suggestion Box Open Now on API Feature Requests

Developing on the BitTorrent Sync API? Our developer evangelist is here to work with you.

Like many Sync fans, I was incredibly excited with the launch of Sync 1.4 last week – I think that the new UI is gorgeous, the addition of links is awesome, and all of the other tweaks and enhancements make the 1.4 release a fantastic product.

As we look towards getting the product out of beta, we’re also continuing efforts to build out the Sync API and support developers in making really cool apps. Your feedback is critical here, to help guide and inform the team. So, here’s my ask:

Developers, IT pros, and folks using Sync commercially or building internal apps at your companies – what would you like to see from the app and/or the API?  Do you have specific API feature asks?  How about functionality that would help in your specific environment?  We have an awesome developer forum where there is a thread for API feature requests – have you contributed to it yet?

I want to hear about how you are using Sync at work to collaborate on large video projects with your coworkers, or how you are using Sync to move RAW files from the island destination wedding you just shot to your BeagleBone Sync Server stateside.

I’ve called out some fantastic Sync API projects and some awesome Sync use cases on this blog – I’d love to talk about yours, too.  Tell me what you’re working on and tell me how Sync and the Sync API can be improved to better meet your needs.  Comment below, send me a tweet @aaronliao, or send me an email – aaron [at] bittorrent [dot] com.

Lets talk and get some epic functionality into the next release of the Sync API!

Photo credit: Flickr/Hash Milhan