Sync App: All Your Desktop Folders, On The Go

When I’m at work and on my laptop, there’s a very specific folder structure that I’m used to: Each project has it’s own folder (with different sub folders), while each product has it’s own separate folder system, and so on. It keeps things very organized and accessible … that is, until I’m without my laptop and need to access something on my mobile device. That process can be quite cumbersome and usually requires that I dig through my inbox to find something, or email files individually to myself before I leave the office.

Having the Sync app on my mobile device provides me a view into my desktop from anywhere I am. Every important folder I work with on my desktop is replicated on my mobile, and it takes just a couple seconds.

There’s no third-party service to log into, and it allows me to work in the environment that I’m familiar with — i.e., the folders I see and use every day when I’m at work. If something gets added on my desktop, it’s instantly added to my phone. And since the app allows you to consume only the files you need, it preserves storage capacity.

It’s useful for all those times I’d like to review files when I’m out of the office (on a train, in the living room, etc.).

Here’s how I do it on my PC:

(1) A right click pulls up the option to share the folder via Sync. When clicked, I’m presented with 3 sharing options. On mobile, all you need to do is take a picture of the QR code. I set to Read & Write, so I can change the contents of the folder if needed. The sync happens immediately without the need for approvals, since you’re sharing directly between your own devices (when sharing with others, approvals are turned on by default, as a security measure)
[wide]BitTorrent Sync mobile app [/wide]

(2) Once the QR code is scanned, the folder appears on my Sync app. When I open it, I have a view into the folder contents. Before I head out, I download only the files that I need (this on-demand feature is set by default to preserve the storage capacity of the phone, but can be turned off as well via “Auto-sync” in the folder pull-down menu)

BitTorrent Sync mobile app

(3) When I need to discard the file, a left swipe reveals the clear button.

BitTorrent Sync mobile app

Note that if you add any files into the folder directly from your mobile, that’ll sync to your desktop once you power on. Also by default, Sync is set to WiFi only to not impact your data plan. It can be turned off in settings, if you wish to do so. 

Sync allows you to consume files of any size, so if there’s a 1 GB video I need to watch, it’s not a problem. And on top of that, it’s fast. By working directly between devices and skipping a pit stop in the cloud, transfers happen very quickly.

And with Sync, your files are never replicated on someone else’s server. Everything takes place privately, within your personal device ecosystem.