What to Look for when Selecting an EFSS Solution?

When looking for an Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) solution, chances are you may be not only new to the technology – you may also be new to the term itself. EFSS essentially enables individuals to share data of all kinds (photos, music, documents) across multiple devices within a defined infrastructure set by the user. EFSS solutions allow for devices of all kinds to access this data instantly, with ease. With that primer, here are 3 vital questions to ask before choosing your EFSS solution.


Is it secure?

When it comes to data, how secure it is from unwanted threats and unauthorized users is absolutely paramount in the digital world. The encryption of your data should be your number one concern when making this choice. This is also true during the syncing process, should edits be made to files within the infrastructure.

Is it mobile & flexible?

If you’re in the market for an EFSS solution, chances are you have a workforce that’s mobile and needs shared access to company data. The ability for multiple users on multiple devices to have reliable and consistent shared access is an absolute must. Ensure that your choice allows for the flexibility of your staff needing various devices for their own personal reasons, by choosing a solution that provides the essential combination of mobility and flexibility.

Is it easy to use?

The icing on the cake is finding a solution that not only provides the best answers to the previous 2 questions, but also is easy for users to understand and use. An easy way to do so is by gauging how individuals outside your organization are using similar tools from the same company. Many of the EFSS solution providers also have freeware versions available to individuals. If they have a solution that is the most popular, chances are that solution will be easiest to use for people within your business.

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