Seagate x Sync: Always On For Small Business

BitTorrent Sync on NAS ensures your data is available all the time, on all your devices.

Seagate wants to help simplify things for small business. With a newly unveiled portfolio of Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions, they’ve taken the hassle out of creating a secure, easy-to-access and always available storage system.

Introduced today is a new App Manager feature, with a slate of applications that’ll enable the NAS device to do more. And we’re stoked to let everyone know that BitTorrent Sync will be included as one of five essential launch apps!

Seagate App Manager BitTorrent Sync

We’ve always been believers in the synergy of Sync on NAS. Sync brings security, speed and control. NAS devices bring the always on functionality. It creates a strong alternative to the public cloud and having to rely on third-party servers, creating instead a private cloud structure that provides all the benefits, without any of the limitations.

Seagate NAS and NAS Pro are available now. Both will be running on NAS OS 4, purpose built for small business. Check them out!

Happy syncing everyone.