Sync Hacks: How To Run BitTorrent Sync (Resilio Sync) on Your Ouya

I recently acquired an Ouya (a microconsole running on Android) and it is an excellent little device. Out of the box, there are some great games and apps that can keep you occupied for quite a while (TowerFall anyone?). A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to do more with my Ouya console. I had a growing collection of Humble Bundle Android games that I wanted to play.

Probably the most annoying aspect of playing with the Ouya is getting files on to the Ouya. One of the latest updates enabled access to external storage. This means you can load files on to a thumb drive (or external hard drive) and then plug that thumb drive into the Ouya to transfer/access. The problem is I’m lazy and I don’t want to walk back and forth every time I need to transfer files.

Enter Resilio Sync.

It is actually quite easy to load BitTorrent Sync on to Ouya. The device is running a modified version of Android 4.1. Below I’ll outline two methods for installing BitTorrent Sync. The first method is achieved by simply side-loading the app. Follow my instructions, and you’ll be up and running in 10 minutes. The second method involves rooting the Ouya and installing the Google Play store. This allows you to download the latest version of BitTorrent Sync for Android and keep it up to date.

I’ve included every file that you need in a Sync folder. You can access it using this Secret:


Method 1: Sideload the APK

Step 1: On your Ouya, navigate to the “discover” section and click on the “app” category. Near the top should be an app called “FilePwn”. Download that. It will come in handy.

Step 2: Retrieve btsync.apk from the Sync folder (see above), and place it on a thumb drive.

Step 3: Open FilePwn, and navigate to /usbdrive (or a similar name). You should see btsync.apk. Click on it and install it.

Step 4: Go back to the main Ouya menu and click on “Make”. Any apps you install that aren’t from the Ouya store will appear here. You should see an icon for BitTorrent Sync.

Method 2: Root and install the Google Play Store.

Note: If you follow these steps exactly, everything should work. You’ll note that I have included a reboot at the end of a lot of the steps. Don’t skip this part.

Step 1: On your Ouya, navigate to the “discover” section and click on the “app” category. Near the top should be an app called “FilePwn. Downlaod that. It will come in handy.

Step 2: Load the following apps on to a thumb drive from the Sync folder (see above). Don’t bother with the btsync.apk. You will be installing from the Play Store.

Step 3: Using FilePwn, navigate to /usbdrive and install OUYARoot.apk. After it is installed, open it. You’ll be presented with a very simple screen that has a single button. You can’t miss it. Click on the giant button to root your device. When this is done, return to FilePwn.
Step 4: Install XposedInstaller.apk and open the program. After opening the program click on “Framework” and then “Install/Update”. Now Reboot (there’s a reboot button at the bottom of the screen).
Step 5: Open FilePwn, navigate to your thumb-drive and install ModCollection4Ouya.apk. Now open XposedInstaller again, select “modules” and check the box for the Mod Collection for Ouya. This can be a little tricky. Use the touch panel on the controller to do this. Make sure you actually see the box filled in with a blue check.
Step 6: For this step, you need to move the from your thumb drive to the internal downloads folder. Open FilePwn, navigate to your thumb drive, select and choose to move it to /storage/sdcard0/download. Open the ModCollection program and enable Google Play Store mod. Then click on “install play store”. This will only work if you have properly placed in the download folder. Reboot.
Step 6: Launch the Google Play Store and enter your Google credentials. Reboot.

Step 7: Launch Google Play and search for “BitTorrent Sync”. Install.

A few notes on using BitTorrent Sync on the Ouya:
• Make sure you use all caps when inputting a Sync key.
• I’ve found it to be very useful to set the folder to automatically sync all files, but it is just a matter of personal preference
• At one point, I had an issue with the folders not syncing and I had to enable “use cellular data” in the BitTorrent Sync options. If you are having an issue with syncing, give this a shot.

• You may want to enable the “disable auto update” option in the ModCollection. Every auto update will disable root.

Aaaaannnnddd done. That’s it. No more running back and forth with a thumb drive. I was able to download my Android apps from (using BitTorrent!) and add them to my Sync folder. They automatically synced to my Ouya and I was able to install and play.

I hope you enjoy your Sync-enabled Ouya. If you need me, I’ll be playing Metal Slug 3 for the next few days.