Giltrap AgriZone Uses Resilio Sync to Push Data to Mobile Sales Team

Andrew Giltrap, owner of Giltrap AgriZone, explains why Resilio Sync (formerly BitTorrent Sync) uniquely met the needs of his mobile salesforce:

Giltrap AgriZone is one of the largest independently owned tractor and farm machinery dealership groups in New Zealand. We’ve supplied machinery, equipment, and service to farmers and agricultural contractors for over 50 years.

Our sales force is highly mobile and often travels directly to customers, many of whom are in rural areas with little or no connectivity. It was a constant struggle to ensure that our sales folks always had the latest pricing, collateral, and documentation for the machinery that they were selling. We also needed a central backup solution that worked in other direction to ensure that any data they had on their mobile phones or laptops was synced back to the central office for redundancy.

Resilio Sync offered a simple and reliable solution for both our issues. Many of the competitors we evaluated required active syncing of files or didn’t allow us to keep a separate file structure for each team member. With Sync, I keep our latest sales material in a shared folder accessible by the team with read-only access to avoid any potential issues with deleting or modifying documentation. When on the road they have easy access to the latest PDFs. A real benefit is Sync’s ability to move data efficiently over 3G without having to restart uploads due to poor connectivity. I’ve also set up individual folders for each member of the sales team to move their data back to the office. As long as they work in these folders, they don’t need to take any action to back their data up — Sync just works.