File Sync for the “Nomad Worker”

Getting work done these days can often include little more than a laptop. It’s helped give rise to the nomad worker, an individual who’s not tied to a central location – working wherever it makes best sense (maybe they’re a freelancer, a remote worker, or self-employed).

In this scenario, when a person does work anywhere/everywhere, it’s important to have the right tools to manage and access important files. In today’s post, marketing/community manager Matt Cangialosi shares how he does it: 

I handle marketing and support for,, as well as doing some freelance work on the side. My projects include everything from social media and newsletters, to Web graphics and technical support. You tend to wear a lot of hats working with small Internet companies.

Being completely self-employed, I end up working at a few different locations throughout the month. I have my powerful desktop computer at home, an office that we work at and then a home office at my business partner’s house. While I’m traveling, I generally have my work laptop. I need access to Photoshop files, images, and other documents that are constantly updated on both the desktop and laptop computers. I tried using cloud services such as OneDrive, Google Drive, etc… but I always ran into an issue when it came to consistency. It was slow, down, or just had problems with the desktop implementation. Having lost my data a few times, I learned that I needed to implement offsite backups of this shared data (on regular intervals). We lease space at a data center and have an extra server that was just sitting unused. I was always looking for a quick, easy and inexpensive way to optimize that location instead of using another service to pay for monthly. BitTorrent Sync^Some of my work folders

BitTorrent Sync basically solved all of my problems. I set it up on my laptop, desktop and a small Ubuntu Virtual Machine on the remote server. Both the laptop and desktop have read & write access while the server has read-only access. My productivity increased right from the start; files were updated incredibly fast compared to the previous cloud solutions I was using. I work on a Photoshop file at home, leave on a trip to Boston and it’s ready to go right when I turn it on. I like the control I have over where the file is, compared to other solutions, and if I ever need to share a specific folder with a 3rd party I can just shoot them the link to get them on Sync. Above all, it’s incredibly fast and I even have the option to throttle it if I’m gaming or streaming on a slower connection. BitTorrent Sync^My BitTorrent Sync setup 

Sync is completely part of my workflow now and it’s one of the first solutions that I’ve been totally happy with. Anyone who wants to be 100% in control of their data and have access to it at a consistently reliable speed, I’d highly recommend it.