Farago Design Uses BitTorrent Sync on Nook Video Shoot

Sync Stories is a column dedicated to our users. Each week, we showcase a different use case for BitTorrent Sync and the personal stories behind it.

In this week’s edition: Peter Farago of Farago Design shares how his team uses Sync to work effectively together on very large, shared assets.

From Peter:

Farago Design is a multidisciplinary design firm based in New York City. We’re a team of designers, animators, artists and 3D specialists that have worked on projects for clients like Barnes & Noble, Samsung and Spritz. Our design principle is based on anchoring skills and knowledge with a deep understanding of our subjects. It’s a good business model, and has netted some of our best ideas; we’ve been served well by it and I can say our clients have as well.

Farago Design BitTorrent Sync

Work on the Samsung Galaxy 4 Nook 

These days as creators, we have a wide range of technologies available to us. While it’s made our work better and easier, it also requires an effort to pick the right ones – tools that will make our workflows more efficient, without any blockers.

We first read about BitTorrent Sync in the message boards of the Synology community. Folks there were very excited about it, and it turns out with very good reason. We did a test and were astounded by the speed and possibilities it presented to a company like ours. We deployed 1.4 immediately and have been satisfied users since.

Prior to this discovery, we constantly had to add storage space to our Dropbox account AND files were duplicated on too many end user machines. We used to edit relatively small files by todays standards; but new standards keep pushing upward. Today, we edit with massive 4K files and that is quickly scaling. Both Sony and Red Digital are both working to bring larger 8K sensors in their new high-end cameras. Syncing servers with Sync and deploying the shares makes MUCH better sense for a design studio like ours.

Farago Design BitTorrent Sync

Our setup involves:

  • Shares located on 3 geographically distant Synology Servers synced
  • Unit 1 Film: Syncs massive Red Camera (scarlet) R3D footage from daily shoots
  • Unit 2 Editorial: After effects team syncs their edits multiple times daily
  • Unit 3 Client: We share work via BitTorrent Sync with clients

Sync has been highly beneficial in the following areas:

  • Remote Collaboration: The film production team can sync massive RED files right from their location. A typical Red ‘take” is about 2 gigabytes. Our most recent shoot was 529 GB for 264 items.
  • Real-Time Editing: We can begin pulling takes, color correcting, and editing the moment files appear on our Synology in our New York office.
  • Redundancy: It’s comforting to know these files are safe in multiple locations. Everyone rests easier knowing his or her files are safe.
  • Improved Quality: We spend infinitely less time jockeying files these days and more time focused doing what we do best – making film. Creating beautiful film requires tremendous focus and without the extra distraction of file management and versioning, we are free to create our most beautiful work.

We are truly excited to be riding this tremendous wave of innovation with the BitTorrent crew. We look forward to a future full of innovation and excitement.

Have a look at the finished product: