Backup Photos and Videos From Your Phone (Video)

BitTorrent Sync mobile backup

Photos and videos take up a lot of space on our phones, especially with the resolution increasing with each new device that comes out. Typically when we think of backing up our files, it involves uploading them onto a cloud service.

Work Together as a Team on Shared Assets (Video)

BitTorrent Sync

Work groups need easy tools to share and manage files. Data often gets pushed into locations that aren’t easily accessible by others, be it a physical server, or even a folder that’s only on your local device – with files too large to share successfully.

All Your Folders, Across All Devices (Video)

BitTorrent Sync

When you create an account in the cloud, all your folders and files become instantly available across your personal devices; it’s quite convenient. Recently, we rolled out a new feature in Sync to make this available, in a fully private manner.

5 Ways A Designer Can Use Resilio Sync

As an Art Director for BitTorrent, I look for tools that help remove any technical barriers to the creative process – for my team and me. As creatives, we have some particular needs, given our work involves things like having to manage huge file sizes and keeping special folders – such as fonts and icon […]

How A Software Developer Can Leverage BitTorrent Sync

The ease in which Sync transports files between multiple endpoints makes it a useful tool for software developers. In this post I’ll walk through how Sync can be used for deployment as well as mirroring Git repositories – then we’ll look at extending these use cases with the developer API.