Fast and Reliable Continuous Integration at Scale Using Resilio Connect & Jenkins for Global CI/CD

How to use Connect and Jenkins to improve software build delivery across your organization

Why Resilio & Jenkins Key in reliably delivering software builds and artifacts is a solution that automatically overcomes all possible errors without human intervention. Most systems are prone to failure. You should be certain that your synchronization set-up for CI/CD is designed for high reliability. Resilio Connect enables fast and continuous delivery. It combines peer-to-peer, […]

How to use Resilio Connect to improve SCCM distribution

Microsoft System Centre Operation Manager (SCCM) is commonly used to centralize services for working with agents so that IT managers can perform mass changes to a fleet of devices. You’re probably using it for security compliance, patching, or auditing of Windows machines. But those updates need to be synchronized to field devices, and that’s where […]

Resilio Sync Now Has an Official Docker Recipe

It doesn’t take reading through lengthy technical documents to understand why Docker’s flexible technology is creating buzz throughout the developer community. With Docker and an understanding of the word “container”, you can get a clear picture of how quickly applications can be built and deployed across several architectures with minimal effort. It only made sense […]