BitTorrent Sync Turns 1!

When we first released BitTorrent Sync as an Open Beta to the public a year ago, we knew we had something with great potential. It was a big idea in a little app: put users back in control of their data with a syncing tool that bypasses the cloud.

We knew that we could offer total control over your data and the way you move it, without relying on costly and insecure third party servers – and to do so at the maximum speed your internet connection will allow. Life is fast, so why should you wait for your data to travel up to the cloud and then back down to your devices when it’s much faster to go directly?

That was the basic premise of the product.

One year later and we have you, our users, to thank for taking Sync far beyond that. Our community has been critical in helping us develop Sync each step of the way. We’ve been able to build a tool that works simply, effectively, and offers flexibility in moving data.

And you have shown us all the possibilities that Sync opens up.

You are Jacob Scott, the cancer researcher who uses Sync to move huge amounts of scientific data and collaborate with other researchers around the world. You are Ken Erwin, a DevOps engineer from Angie’s List, who reduced web deployment time from hours to seconds. You are a community of tinkerers and creators; Filmakers, DJs, Photographers and Raspberry Pi lovers.

The ways you have used Sync to solve problems has inspired us and drives our development team. And your direct feedback in the Sync Forums has shortened the gap between you, our users, and our development team.

A big thanks to all of you for taking us through the first year.

You’ve helped us develop an ecosystem of devices that now includes iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac, Android, NAS devices, Kindle, and even Free BSD. Since we launched our API at the end of 2013, we’ve been growing a community of developers, with over 3,200 keys issued to date and our first meet-ups already under our belt.

As we move into year 2, our users will be at the core of what we do. Separate from everything else, we want to make a product that works for you.

We’ll keep everyone updated on what’s to come through our blog and as always, we invite you to participate in the forums.

And lastly.. in the spirit of nostalgia, I present our Year One Yearbook:

 We gave you a way to connect to your devices without the cloud:

[wide]BitTorrent Sync Versus Cloud Based[/wide]

We showcased the simplicity of peer-to-peer:

[wide]BitTorrent Peer-To-Peer P2P Billboard


We made some new friends:

[wide]BitTorrent Sync and Network Attached Storage Devices NAS[/wide]

We took some bold stances:

[wide]BitTorrent Billboard and the NSA[/wide]

And we made our video debut:


[wide]BitTorrent Sync Birthday 1 Year Anniversary[/wide]