BitTorrent Sync Partners with Onehub, Brings Integrated Offering for Enterprise Sync and Share

We built BitTorrent Sync to be a great tool for business workgroups and individual power users. It gives people an easy way to sync files across their devices and share with others, leveraging peer-to-peer technology to work fast and maintain a high standard of privacy.

Sync is ideal for organizations with hundreds of people, or individual workgroups. For large enterprise deployments who have more specific business needs, we wanted to take the technology behind BitTorrent Sync and see where it could add value for this audience.

Our relationship with Onehub is a great example of this and they are our first enterprise app partner. They discovered an opportunity to differentiate themselves by radically improving their sync capabilities, and I’m very excited they chose Sync to enable this.

Onehub offers online file storage and sharing for companies of all sizes, and delivers the business requirements needed from enterprise customers; be it more granular permission settings or certain activity tracking features. Since 2007, they have provided storage, sharing and collaboration services to businesses including Starbucks, Dell, Phillips and thousands of others.

Introducing Onehub Sync: Peer-to-Peer+One

Onehub Sync is the integration of BitTorrent Sync into Onehub’s solution stack. By leveraging the BitTorrent Sync API and adding the Sync engine to their clients, Onehub offers a hybrid, “peer-to-peer+one” approach. It combines the benefits of syncing directly between peers, with Onehub being a persistent peer that is always available in the cloud. This provides the scalability and consistency required by the enterprise.

Onehub has been testing the beta of its new Sync with customers, and today marks its official launch. Here’s what users can expect with Onehub Sync:

  • Speed: When file changes are made, Onehub Sync immediately updates all of your collaborators. It will choose the fastest route (whether that is directly through a local network or via the cloud) and since only new changes are synced as opposed to entire files, syncing time has decreased substantially.

  • Scale: Onehub Sync grows with your organization. As data is stored locally, you avoid any situation where many workgroups are trying to pull down the same file from the cloud at the same time. And, as you add more devices to the syncing network, the faster the sync becomes.

  • Reliability: When you open Onehub Sync, it automatically begins updating files with the latest version from your collaborators. Since all collaborators are kept current, you will always have multiple sources to access the latest files from. The Onehub peer ensures users always have a peer to receive the latest updates.

  • Security: Onehub provides bank-level encryption for all your data and file transmission between peers is always encrypted. Onehub also provides activity tracking to monitor who has accessed files, as well as role-based permissions to control who can access your data.

Onehub is free to try and you can get BitTorrent Sync here.