BitTorrent Sync now an Official App on Drobo

Drobo strives to make data storage as easy-to-use and automated as possible. These are core values we share with BitTorrent Sync; if you ever need to get files from one device to another (no matter what or where it is), simply share the folder and Sync takes care of the rest.

While we’ve had an app package for the Drobo 5N on our website, Sync is now an app that you can install directly from the Drobo Dashboard management application:Drobo_BitTorrent_SyncNow, updates to Sync will be presented automatically in the Drobo Dashboard and you can easily administer Sync by clicking on the “Configure” button. And if you’re already using the Sync package via our website, these advantages will come automatically on your Drobo device (nothing you have to do). 

Some of the many use cases for having Sync on your Drobo 5N or other storage device include things like:

  • Linking storage to your other devices using the “My Devices” feature, letting you have all folders in Sync automatically available and protected.
  • Remotely access folders on your storage device from your computer or mobile, when you’re away from the local network.
  • Allowing you to share data with others direct from your storage device, as many of you may already have a lot of data stored there.
  • Letting you sync files between multiple storage devices, to keep data protected or available in another location

Go here to learn more about the Drobo 5N.