BitTorrent Sync’s Android Update Brings Intel x86 Support

The Sync mobile app gives you a way to access all of your shared files on the go, without the need for any cloud storage. Whether you’re reviewing a work document, checking out a video clip, or backing up you the photos/videos to another device, it’s fully private and in your control.

As with our recent desktop update, the team has been hard at work to make Sync even better. Moving forward, expect to see new mobile functionality released on an ongoing basis, across Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

We wanted to share some details on an Android update that’s available now.

Support for x86 devices

BitTorrent Sync Intel x86Working with our partner Intel, we’ve added support for Android phones and tablets running on Intel’s x86 processors. It’s a request we’ve seen from many users, and we want to make sure Sync is available everywhere they are.

For anyone using devices such as these, you can now download Sync now via the Google Play store.

Improvements and fixes  

  • Ability to add multiple images, audio or video files to a folder
  • Better experience when linking a device without a camera to your identity
  • Updated support and reporting screen

See the full change log in Google Play. And for all the latest updates on Sync, follow us on Twitter: @resiliosync

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