Best Cloud Storage Alternatives

Saving on the Cloud: What Are Your Other Options?

Cloud Storage Shortcomings and Popular Alternatives

Storage has always been a popular aspect of technology, as users need space to not only keep their important files and data, but also to keep their devices running smoothly without storing too much data. There have always been innovations in the area of storage, from CD’s to USB thumb drives to the “cloud-based” solutions of today. Hardware-based storage proved to be cumbersome and somewhat difficult to use in a fast-paced world.

As private cloud storage has become more prevalent, more people opted for this convenient way to store their data. This method of data storage has presented some security issues, raising the question; are there any good alternatives to the cloud?

Why Did Private Cloud Storage Become Popular?

Transporting storage devices was the normal way to transport data between devices, because this was the only viable way to share data easily and securely. As hardware-based storage began to pose challenges in the fast-paced technological field, more people began using online cloud storage to help them maintain important data.

Cloud storage also rose to prominence as people began using multiple devices to store and transfer data. With the rise of mobile devices, people were looking for quick and efficient ways to access data regardless of what device they were using. The cloud is not perfect – in fact, generic cloud storage presents serious security and accessibility risks.

The Main Problem with Traditional Cloud Storage

While cloud storage drives provide a place for you to store and access data as needed, it is not without flaw. For one, cloud storage drives have issues with updating files. Consider what happens if you download a file from the cloud and edit it. You need proper file sync software to ensure the changes are also made to the version on the cloud.

Build your own cloud to improve security has become vital, as many generic cloud storage drives lack the protection needed for moving files between multiple parties and multiple devices. Computer World notes some common problems with online cloud storage security. If you’re looking for a superior option, consider Resilio.

How Can Resilio’s Storage Options Benefit You?

If you’ve ever looked into how to build your own cloud, you’ve probably done so because of your dissatisfaction with traditional cloud storage options. Resilio utilizes enhanced encryption to protect your data when it is being sent to or downloaded from its storage area.

You can also get the file sync software you need to keep all of your files up to date when you edit them, while also setting rules and permissions as needed to make even the largest group projects easy to manage – safely and securely. To find out more about Resilio’s options for advanced, safe cloud storage, contact us today!