The Benefits of p2p File Collaboration

Software crashes and hardware malfunctions do happen and sometimes this can mean losing an entire system worth of data. Though most people dread the reinstallation that is required to restore their files, backup solutions allow data to be retrieved so the restoration process can begin.

These types of solutions are a bit limiting in how they can be applied however. Given that a reinstallation could be done with the entry of new devices or new parties on a network, P2P file syncing is becoming a much more popular option for preserving and transferring data within a user or organization’s private infrastructure.

Not only does it allow important files to be saved, but it allows them to be accessed on multiple devices by any appropriate parties.

Benefits of Storing Backup Files Online

Whether it’s a partition of a physical drive or a software program, many people use backup solutions to restore their system at one point or another. Some people invest in backup solutions for all of their files in order to preserve important data. Whether for personal or business functions, backup solutions can prove very useful in the event of data loss.

But these solutions, especially cloud-based solutions, sometimes pose certain problems. These include:

  • They Need to Be Updated Regularly
  • Compatible Only with Certain Devices
  • Long Wait Times for File Restorations
  • Unreliable based on network connectivity issues

P2P file syncing has proven to be a multi-faceted solution for backing up important data. Not only does it keep important information safe, but it allows users to have greater control over how they can access said data. File collaboration allows for easier access to data while providing additional benefits to older, cloud file syncing solutions.

Why Have More People Switched from Cloud File Syncing?

Whether a user wants to sync photos with an online backup to ensure they can be recovered, or whether they would like to send larger files to another party, p2p solutions offer a variety of ways to accomplish data backup goals. By storing information in a secure area which can be accessed by authorized users, cloud file syncing serves as a backup and a file sharing tool.

The switch from cloud-based file collaboration to methods like Resilio Connect is indicative of several trends in the tech industry. More people are working collaboratively when sending large files online. Connect makes this much easier.

To find out more about Resilio Connect and its benefits over traditional backup solutions, contact Resilio today!