Syncs on a Plane: a no-Internet Use Case

One of the most amazing features of BitTorrent Sync is how easily it works over local networks (LAN), and therefore how it’s able to continue to function even without Internet access. Flying through the air in a metal tube is pretty amazing too, but what about a scenario that brings Sync’s local network capabilities to today’s business […]

A Future Without Ports

As demonstrated with Apple’s latest MacBook design, we’re quickly moving to a future where everything is not only wireless, but portless. Over-the-air transfers are the norm right now for smaller files whether your recipient is across the room or across the country. Try to remember the last time someone gave you a single image or […]

Personal Clouds Made Easy

BitTorrent Sync Billboard

Everyone has heard of the cloud. Whether it’s from online services you use or hacking scandals, the cloud is more and more becoming a part of everyone’s vocabulary. Naturally, now that even your parents and grandparents have started to understand what the cloud is, we’re starting to talk more about the alternative: going cloudless and […]

How to Sync iTunes to Android

BitTorrent Sync iTunes Podcast

I love my Moto X and I’ve been on Android since I first got my HTC Incredible in 2010, but I’m chained to iTunes for managing my music and podcast subscriptions on my laptop. This has caused no end of inconveniences when trying to figure out the best way to move music and podcasts from […]