Announcing Resilio Connect

Throughout the development of Sync, we’ve been talking about an exciting new product referred to as ‘Sync IT’ for some time.  Today we’re pleased to announce the new product is now available as Resilio Connect.

Even with the new name, the goal is the same:  To power your enterprise applications with the same resilient and scalable technology that underpins Sync, but with the centralized management, visibility and control you require.

We targeted this product at some of the most demanding customers facing the most challenging use cases.   These customers frequently had exhausted every other alternative in search of technology that works reliably, even under challenging network conditions or in the presence of weak and failure prone centralized servers.  

Time and again, Resilio Connect delivered for them.  


Resilio Connect is for the IT administrator or developer looking to get data reliably to or from any number of endpoints over any kind of network, even one that goes away sometimes.  Towards this goal we’ve added key capabilities such as WAN acceleration, headless client operation as well as centralized management and visibility for total control over your data.

If you have a problem getting large files to many endpoints or any application failing to deliver your data over unreliable networks and underpowered data centers, give Resilio a try and unlock the idle power in your network today.  Contact us here to try it today.