Announcing Connect 2.2. – API Automation, Splunk Integration, Enhanced Data Transfer Speeds & More

Ensuring that your enterprise files are secure and transferred at high speeds is a top priority for growing businesses – especially when it comes to scaling your operations and services. Top IT, DevOps, and Engineering teams use Resilio because we are faster, more reliable, and easier to use than any transfer tool that they have ever tried.

Resilio Connect is superior because its P2P engine exceeds over network limitations (connection drops & latency) and will continue to deliver files until the job is 100% complete. We’re excited to announce the release of Resilio Connect 2.2 with enhancements like new multi-level admin user access, accelerated transfers speeds, and an automation API.

See below all of the awesome new features we packed into the latest Connect 2.2 release.


What’s New in Connect 2.2 

  • Automation API
  • Multi-Level Admin User Access
  • Splunk Integration
  • ACL Replication 
  • LDAP/AD Integration
  • Enhanced Speeds

Automation API

We are giving you more power to create scalable solutions in any network environment. The new REST API enables scripting of any function in Connect.

  • The API enables managing Agents, Groups, and Jobs without any UI interaction.
  • Automation scripts can be written in any language or you can simply exercise the API from the command line using tools like wget and curl.

Example: Creating a Distribution Job via Connect's API

Multi-Level Admin User Access

Improve data management security by adding multi level admins. Provide access and visibility to your team by adding multi level admins to Connect’s Central Management Console.

  • Limit who can modify settings and who is allowed to add new users.
  • Each object in Connect is now associated with the user that created or modified it for a complete audit trail.

User Management screenshot

Splunk Integration

Pair Splunk & Connect together to receive detailed logs and notifications of Connect events through Splunk.

  • Chart jobs, and agent activities
  • Setup alerts on any Connect event

ACL Replication

Agents can now sync NTFS permissions of files and folders (in a previous release we added support for Linux ACLs).  

  • Permissions are synced for both Users and Groups
  • Supports non-Windows machines
  • Turn feature on/off 

LDAP / AD Authentication  

Improve security by using your directory service to provision Connect admins.  

  • Configure your server settings to enable single sign-on
  • Import administrators from your directory service
  • Assign Connect admin roles directly in AD / LDAP server.

Enhanced Transfer Speeds

We’ve enhanced our transfer logic for faster transfer speeds and scalable results.  Connect can now handle many small files with the same efficiency it handles moving large files.

  • Operate on up to 1000 files concurrently to maximize transfer speed
  • LAN transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps with an improved peer and piece selection logic

We’re stoked about Connect 2.2. and we hope you’re stoked to try out the newest Resilio Connect features. Don’t forget to let us know what you think! Already a Resilio Sync Business Customer? For a limited time only, Sync Business Customers get a $500 credit toward your purchase of Resilio Connect 2.2.

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