3 Ways a Videographer Can Use BitTorrent Sync

Multiple times, we’ve seen videographers and video production teams take to the product as an easy way for them to manage and share footage, which are often massive in size.

Sync was developed with these kinds of situations in mind. By removing the cloud and moving files directly between people and devices, it lets you do things like quickly share 100 GBs worth of footage, or maintain version continuity within an editing team. It can help you spend less time working out the technicals, and more time on the craft you enjoy. In this post, you’ll find a couple ideas on how you can try out Sync today.

Move and Share Big Things

We’ve published internal test results showing that Sync can clock in 16x faster speeds when compared with cloud-based services. It’s one of the primary reasons we built this product, knowing that a peer-to-peer architecture can reap benefits as file sizes get progressively larger.

Recently, we got a sense of how Jeremy Williams + his video team on our Sync commercial leveraged the product. During the shoot, they filmed on red digital cameras, capturing footage in 4k resolution. Each of these takes quickly got up to 60-70 GB in size (uncompressed). In order to get footage to editors based in Los Angeles, they used Sync to get this done in a worktable timeframe, and avoided fussing with alternatives like shipping a physical drive.BitTorrent Sync Video As you can see, Sync allows you to work in your existing laptop/desktop environment (and folder structure). Once you install it, you’re ready to share via generating a link. You can create a central repository of footage in folders, ones that your post production team can tap into and work on, regardless of their location.

Note that for syncing to happen, both devices need to be on. If you have a NAS box, that can become your always-on device.

Maintain Continuity During Production

When the editing process happens amongst different people, at different times, using different tools, the process can go off track quick. Sync can help ensure that as files move along in the production process, everyone on the team works on the most current versions. You avoid having to follow editing timelines, or sending revision files back and forth.BitTorrent Sync Video It’s also useful when it comes to the different tools being used (i.e., Adobe Premiere and After Effects for instance), given that everything is being saved to folders on the local drive. It allows for all different file types to be saved and worked on, capturing edits unique to the tool.

Files on Mobile, On-The-Go

When on set, it’s helpful to have important docs instantly accessible, with all new updates captured. This is especially true for the assistant directors and production coordinators of a team.

The Sync app provides access to all your folders/files, wherever you are. It works where you consume only the files you need, being cognizant of the storage capacity on mobile devices. So if you want the latest call sheet or shoot notes, or view the cuts of a specific take, everything is housed in one place and captures updates made in real-time.

BitTorrent Sync Video

Security Confidence

As bad actors get more sophisticated, the security of sensitive files has quickly become a big consideration for many different industries. It necessitates tools that provide the level of convenience people are used to, but are built to withstand breach.

Sync is architected to be fully private to you and those you choose to share with. Your data is never replicated in the cloud, and your files live only on the devices of your choosing. Security settings help to add an additional layer of control and with something known as the peer list on each folder, you have visibility into who has connected to a folder and can change access/ownership levels at any time.